Documentation needed to sell your Ibiza property


You want to sell you property in Ibiza but don’t know what you need or can’t remember the process and all the necessary documentation?

No problem.

We receive this common question time and time again so we have decided to summarise it for you I this brief article “Documentation needed to sell your ibiza property”

For more detailed information on each element please follow the corresponding links.

Documentation required

1. Nota Simple / Simple Note

A short legal report summarising the property, its current owners and location of the dwelling. Defined by as followed by

“A simple (non-certified) note is a succinct extract of the contents of the entries concerning the property. It identifies the property, the owner or owners of the registered rights pertaining to the property, and the breadth, nature and limitations of those rights. It also states any prohibitions or restrictions binding the registered owners or rights. A simple note is for your information only and is not valid legal proof”

If you have misplaced your Nota Simple or need an additional copy please contact us

2. IBI Recibos / IBI Receipts

The IBI or Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles is the annual tax payment to the local authority of one of the 5 municipalities of Ibiza (Dalt Vila/Santa Eulalia/Sant Juan/Sant Jordi/Sant Antonio). Similar to the council tax in the UK. When a sale is made, the seller must present the last, most recent  IBI receipt to the notary to show that payments are up to date and that there is no outstanding tax liability on the property. This is normally paid by direct debit or every year or alternatively in person to the corresponding tax municipality office.

3.  Cedula de Habilibilidad / Habitability Certificate

The certificate of habitability “Cedula” is a stamped document by the Ibiza Consell that confirms that your property meets the basic conditions to be inhabitad. This includes such items as being connected to the electricity grid, having fresh running water and meeting structural and hygiene standards. The certificate has a validity for 10 years only after which it needs to be renewed at the Consell de Ibiza. This document is not automatically updated and can take between 2-4 months to renew so please bare this in mind if your document has expired. If you have previously purchased a property in Ibiza without the Cedula and now wish to sell please contact us for a consultation

Sell your property in Ibiza
Sell your property in Ibiza


4. Esctritura / Title Deeds

The Escrtitura is a substantial document detailing the entirely of your property. Its is a public document that certifies the change of legal ownership from one party to another. Once the Notary signs it, it will be lodged with the land registry  to change the ownership details of the property you are selling to the purchaser. If you have lost it you can request an additional copy from the Notary for a small fee.

5. Certificado Energetico / Energy Certificate

The Energy efficient certificate or EPC is a legal document that contains information about the energy efficiency of a property, Since 2013 it is a legal requirement that all properties being marketed for sale have this or at least it has been applied for. It also needs to be presented to the Notary on completion. Essentially is grades a property on a A-G scale and includes recommendation on how energy efficiency can be improved. The certificate is valid for 10 years and cost between 300-600 Euros dependant on property size. If you need assistance in obtaining you energy certificate for your Ibiza property please contact us

6. Catastro / Catastro Information

The catastro number is found on the Nota Simple and the Escritura. It give an indication of the property boundaries and limits. It is an official land register, approved by the government, which lists details of real estate both urban and rural and gives information about any special features they may have. It will also show you the exact location of the property and provide you with Geo location markers and Sattelite imagery.

Documentation needed to sell your Ibiza property-catastro
Documentation needed to sell your Ibiza property-catastro


7. DNI / NIE and Passport

It goes without saying that will any property exchange a copy of your Passport and NIE number will be required for any property purchase or sale. A tax document will also need to be provided proving your resident or non-resident status as this will effect your capital gains calculation.

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